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Quick Motionsketch | After Effects

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Quick Motionsketch | Cinema4D, After Effects

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Improvised, realtime motiongraphics from my current livevisual set.

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Quick Motionsketch | Cinema4D, After Effects

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An ongoing project of sketches, bits and bops in the realm of motiongraphics and audiovisual design.

So here’s the first “Quick Motionsketch” | Cinema4D, After Effects

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Hey, if you want any of my designs on spreadshirt on a shirt, hoodie or accessory of your choice, go to this link: Click in any of the designs and you will be taken to the page, where yo can adjust the product, colours, sizes and what not! Seriously, there’s a lot of choice! The ones in the rispe shop are just some examples.

5ecc4dcd6fb6d03963c9dd340c182aae 13a81d7fd154355ed9c0d6db4f41fc4d a96cb1c8fba49d12b5e28816037fdc1b c8aea2bbce175df3d09c5360bf4fdb0a

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Hey, here’s a little 3D practice i did, inspired by my holiday in south tyrol recently.
Cinema 4D & Photoshop



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I had such good fun getting old vinyl out last weekend, that here’s the second part of the attempt to get some fav records from the shelf into digital form, already. Of course, besides my incredibly weak turntables from the nineties, i now notice how little i practiced mixing in past years. Nevertheless…

House, sometimes deep, sometimes a tad silly, a bit cheesy – still stuff i think is complex enough to not be boring.

The shelf pt.2 – the cheesecake avalanche incident by Sleepingbirds on Mixcloud

justus köhncke – shelter
the soft pink truth – soft pink missy
losoul – sunbeams and the rain
the modernist – fade like glenn
richard davis – meaning
mathew herbert – take me back (charles webster rmx)
lawrence – fifteen minutes with you
hakan lidbo – televinken
luomo – tessio
isolee – rockers
isolee – beau mot plague

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Hey, here’s a quartz composer macro i just made, since i kept copy&pasting the same parts when building comps for vdmx, so i isolated it as a bread&butter macro and thought it may be useful to somebody else too. It takes in two layers of images, such as 3d “rendered to image”, pics, video or cam captures and blends them. i have integrated the blend modes i use most, which can be selected from the dropdown. currently, there’s lists for a total of 15 modes, but not all of them are in use (unlabeled ones are cul de sacs.). Additionally, you can flip the blend order and with the third control, adjust the opacity for the layer on top. Of course, you can always open up the internal macros to change the blend modes to your favourites, from all the ones, that qc offers.

 Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 21.49.39

download here:

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hey, here’s a mixtape i made over the weekend.

the deal is, i used to buy a lot of vinyl and dj occassionally. it’s always just been a fun thing for the love of music.  as so many did, i eventually started using the web for discovering and buying new music. i still hold my records dearly and still love to buy vinyl once in a while, but for my daily routine i admit, i listen to my digital collection 99% of the time. i’d love to have my vinyl digitally, but the work and time involved is ridiculous. plus, i could never decide what to start with!

instead of going track by track, i now decided to make sort of tapes of some of my alltime favs, somewhat sorted by feeling, genre, usage…whatever you might call it.

so here is the first part.

melancholic, orchestral, electronic, complex but still emotional, almost pop concepts in places, ranging from breathing in icy crystals by diving into snow head first, to hiding behind a burgundy brocate curtained corner of a dimly lit room.

The shelf pt.1 – robots always cut the blue wire by Sleepingbirds on Mixcloud

soap & skin – mr gaunt pt 1000
andrea parker – highly strung
sigur ros – sven-g-englar
goldfrapp – paper bag
supercollider – gravity rearrangin
boards of canada – orange romeda
schneider ™ & cpt michigan – the light 3000
funkstörung – test
autechre – clipper
richard devine – float 82
björk – all is full of love (funkstörung remix)
telefon tel aviv – fahrenheit fair enough
pole – raum 2 variation (burnt friedman)
console – grüner raum

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another little, simple fun thing for users of vdmx.

This qc patch is in “plugin” format for vdmx.

What it does: This plugin creates 4 buttons, that work like a “bang” in maxmsp or pure-data, with fall-off and decay curve type.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 20.49.35

This means, if you press one of the buttons, it jumps to from 0, which is it’s initial state to 1 and counts down to 0 in a given time as defined by the decay value. In vdmx-terms, this means going from 0 to the max number of the used slider.

(Ignore the dimension sizes visible at the top of the plugin, and ignore that a button lights up and latches, as vdmx only displays boolean toggles as far as i know.)

The four values from the buttons can be attached to any slider in vdmx.

This might be useful for playing 4 layers with trigger pads like a visual mpc, flash up lighting effects, temporarily punch up dry/wet values,  pop scales of 3d objects and so forth.

The internals are really quite simple, so i trust i can be easily expanded to how many punch buttons you need.


  • Put the plugin into your ~/Library/Application Support/VDMX/plugins folder
  • In vdmx, load the plugin from the workspace inspector -> plugins -> QC-based plugins. The plugin window should pop up.
  • On the slider of your choice, go to “use data source”, select the plugins value 1-4.

done – have some punch!

Here’s a short vid, of how to fire it up in vdmx:

download here:

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Here’s a little utility, i built. I use this for controlling vdmx with the multiball module of the lemur app. The lemur app on iOS is great for all sorts of controlling things, but one thing it does, is output the value of it’s multiball module as a chunk of OSC messages. If you only use one ball, you have a 2D controller. But if you want to have multiple balls, vdmx, which i use for vjing can’t allocate the whole block to different, various controls within vdmx.

This is what you get, if you directly feed 3 multiballs into vdmx: — float 0.123456 /Multiball/x           <- the x of the first ball float 0.123456                                  <- the x of the second ball float 0.123456                                  <- the x of the third ball float 0.123456 /Multiball/y          <- the y of the first ball float 0.123456                                   … float 0.123456 — yet what you need to be able to control something in vdmx, is explicitly named controls, to e.g get something more like: — float 0.123456 /Ball0/x float 0.123456 /Ball1/x float 0.123456 /Ball1/y float 0.123456 /Ball0/x float 0.123456 /Ball2/x — This means, whenever you move a ball, the x and y value needs to come in separately. What i did here, was to receive the multiball values in max 6, unpack and transform them and to send them on locally to vdmx. In the zip, you get the example lemur template, the max6 patch and a vdmx template. You need:

  • Lemur app on iOS (and editor)
  • Max6 (full or runtime) (nothing fancy here, should work in max5 as well)
  • Installed OSCroute external for max6, if you don’t have it already. Get it from the Berkely University CNMAT here:
  • An app to receive the unpacked ball values (such as vdmx, which i use to demonstrate)
  • Some knowledge of how to set up OSC between lemur and your computer


  1. load the Lemur template into Lemur for iOS, via the Lemur editor or directly via iTunes on your host computer
  2. open the max patch “Multiballunpacker for Lemur_0.1.maxpat”
  3. open the vdmx template “multiballreceiver_tester4vdmx.vdmx5”
  4. on iOS in Lemur, go to settings and under OSC Targets, on OSC0, make sure, the ip adress for your host is correct and note your port. i use 9000 for now.
  5. go to the max patch. enter the port (e.g. 9000) for incoming messages
  6. the speedlimit limits the frequnecy of the output, since the raw value can be a bit much for the receiving app.
  7. see the output port of the max patch. (here: 9090)
  8. go to the vdmx settings. for input ports, add 9090.

done! download here:

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These patches allow realtime video streaming from one computer (A) to another (B). They use the Syphon Server-Client System and MaxMsp/Jitters and are therefore meant to be used either for vjing with two computers or for recording the stream on machine B without the need of a capture card. I am getting a absolutely stable stream of 960*540 pixel with 25-30fps. 720p worked “ok” as well. Properly set up – with consistent dimensions everywhere -, there shouldn’t be any degradation of quality at all. You need:

  • 2 machines running osx
  • maxmsp/jitter 6
  • Syphon for Jitter
  • applications that support syphon outputs / inputs (tested with vdmx) (for testing without any vj apps, you can of course use the syphon client and server apps)
  • a cross network cable

This is pretty experimental for now and i’d be happy to see community enhancements! there is a brief step by step comment in the patches.

 Screen shot 2013-09-21 at 17.25.38 Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 17.29.24

Syphon itself and a considerable portion of the patches comes from Tom Butterworth & Anton Marini download here:


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Pretty much finished my current vdmx-layout for testing. There’s still space at the control surface at the lower left, which i will utilize as i go along working on a lemur remote interface tailored for it. Can’t wait to dive into lemur!

vdmx5_2_oct2012 vdmx5_oct2012 My software of choice for performing live-video, quartzcomposer patches and homemade effects, that allows you to fully customize your controls layout. :)

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Recently i have been playing bespoke concept visuals live for the properly fun “Heimatabend” concert/party series, organized by the lovely Mitvergnügen crowd!

Check out a little mood teaser below and some details on each party.

heim_sterne heim_roehre

heim_daf Jaegermeister und FLUX-FM Heimatabend 2011 im Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin, 10.12.2011, Foto: Sebastian Gabsch -

Heimatabend, FluxFM, Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin, 11.2010,
Livevisual Performance / DAF, GI Disco, RemmiDemmi DJ Team
Heimatabend, FluxFM, Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin, 10.2011
Livevisual Performance / Die Sterne, Bonaparte (DJ)
Heimatabend, FluxFM, Club Röhre Stuttgart, 09.2011
Livevisual Performance / DAF, KraftKlub, RemmiDemmi DJ Team

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Software i made for generating live visuals. This is not a vj mixer. There is rudimentary 2-channel videocrossfader, but the main emphasis is on generating, warping and processing abstract 3D-visuals in realtime, animate them responding to sound or lfos and mix between them.

This Version features:

  • two identical “modules” (sort of two separate visual synthesizers) that allow loading of model files and native gem objects
  • automate xyz rotation, translation and scale with drawable motionenvelopes
  • adjust colors, shininess, alpha, etc
  • iterate objects, spread and animate iterations
  • texture with images or even video
  • worldlight, local light, two spot lights
  • options to adjust the main output window
  • animate and extrude text
  • one extensive particle system per module
  • two-channel glsl videomixer



I started this back in 2004 and worked on it on and off since then, parallel to vj gigs with brandx in glasgow and more recently at the sirius ( ) parties in berlin. there are still tons of bugs and things that are not quite elegant, but since i pretty much abandoned development in 2009 i thought i might just as well share the current state. this is provided as is, i can’t give any support although i’ll try to answer questions here:

download here:

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(includes patches and quickstart cheatsheets. requires a current release of pd-extended to be installed and set up and some basic knowledge of how pd and gem work) spread at will, enjoy.

3d synthesizer aimed at improvised liveperformance, written in pure-data.

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MA1.2 //// SA 19.06.2010 //// 23:00



Vjing with live-painting via “blackbox”, a homemade realtime analog animation device!

[portfolio_slideshow id=1318]
Photos by Reneé Omenzetter

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 Livevideo performance all-nighter w.

  • Kuedo
  • Rekordah
  • Rudi Zygadlo
  • Doshy et al

I’ll be using my homebrew live-3d-video synth generat4!

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Celebrating the release of:
Jahcoozi – PictureDisc,
Robot Koch – Death Star Droid,
Mary Anne Hobbs – Wild Angels Compilation!

The awesome people of Jahcoozi and the WMF have invited us to do the visual side of their barefoot skank triple release party. Besides the great flyer and poster design by Dual and Raspel, i’ll be pulling a Livevideo all-nighter, mixing with Raspel. We’ll be playing alongside:

  • Jahcoozi feat RQM (live /Citizen / BLN)
  • Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC / Planet Mu / Manchester)
  • Robot Koch (RobotsDontSleep / BLN)
  • Stereotyp vs Alhaca (Crunchtime / Vienna)
  • Doshy (Robox_Neotech / Sirius / BLN)

Here’s some footage from Mary Anne Hobbs’ Dj-Set.

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  • Mike Slott (Dublin/N.Y.-Lucky Me/All City)
  • Jamie Vex’d (London/Berlin-Planet Mu/Hotflush/Lucky Me)
  • Blue Daisy (London-Black Acre)
  • débruit. (Paris-Musique Large/Civil Music/B.E.A.R.)
  • Front2Blaq (Dessau-Soulbasta)
  • Jahrlatan (Berlin)
  • Doshy (Berlin/Augsburg-Robox Neotech/Peace Off/Destpub)

Vjing & Live generative video by sleeping birds all night long! flyer by dual, raspel and twra

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The second installment of the Sirius party series is coming up and i’ll be playing my live 3d video-synth generat4 all night long alongside: IKONIKA (Hyperdub) Fantastic Mr. Fox & Rich Reason (Hemlock/Black Acre) Slugabed (Ramp/Stuff Records) Robot Koch (Robots Don’t Sleep/Jahcoozi) Stagga (Rag & Bone/Rudeez/Robox Neotech) Doshy (Robox Neotech/Tigerbass) 04.07.2009 @ raum18

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I am proud to announce the first event coming from the Sirius collective!


I’ll be providing visuals with my homemade realtime visual software generat! This is the first time in years, i’ll be playing live and the first time in berlin.


  • Jamie Vex´d (Planet Mu, Hotflush)
  • Onra (Live) (Bobun, Circulations,
  • Favorite, All City)
  • Timeblind (Version, Soot, Orthlorng)
  • Doshy (Robox Neotech, Tigerbass, Peace off)
  • zet. (robox neotech)

23.05.2009 @ raum18

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