Hey, here’s a quartz composer macro i just made, since i kept copy&pasting the same parts when building comps for vdmx, so i isolated it as a bread&butter macro and thought it may be useful to somebody else too. It takes in two layers of images, such as 3d “rendered to image”, pics, video or cam captures and blends them. i have integrated the blend modes i use most, which can be selected from the dropdown. currently, there’s lists for a total of 15 modes, but not all of them are in use (unlabeled ones are cul de sacs.). Additionally, you can flip the blend order and with the third control, adjust the opacity for the layer on top. Of course, you can always open up the internal macros to change the blend modes to your favourites, from all the ones, that qc offers.

 Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 21.49.39

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Date posted: November 4, 2013 | Author:

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