Software i made for generating live visuals. This is not a vj mixer. There is rudimentary 2-channel videocrossfader, but the main emphasis is on generating, warping and processing abstract 3D-visuals in realtime, animate them responding to sound or lfos and mix between them.

This Version features:

  • two identical “modules” (sort of two separate visual synthesizers) that allow loading of model files and native gem objects
  • automate xyz rotation, translation and scale with drawable motionenvelopes
  • adjust colors, shininess, alpha, etc
  • iterate objects, spread and animate iterations
  • texture with images or even video
  • worldlight, local light, two spot lights
  • options to adjust the main output window
  • animate and extrude text
  • one extensive particle system per module
  • two-channel glsl videomixer



I started this back in 2004 and worked on it on and off since then, parallel to vj gigs with brandx in glasgow and more recently at the sirius ( ) parties in berlin. there are still tons of bugs and things that are not quite elegant, but since i pretty much abandoned development in 2009 i thought i might just as well share the current state. this is provided as is, i can’t give any support although i’ll try to answer questions here:

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(includes patches and quickstart cheatsheets. requires a current release of pd-extended to be installed and set up and some basic knowledge of how pd and gem work) spread at will, enjoy.

3d synthesizer aimed at improvised liveperformance, written in pure-data.

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