another little, simple fun thing for users of vdmx.

This qc patch is in “plugin” format for vdmx.

What it does: This plugin creates 4 buttons, that work like a “bang” in maxmsp or pure-data, with fall-off and decay curve type.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 20.49.35

This means, if you press one of the buttons, it jumps to from 0, which is it’s initial state to 1 and counts down to 0 in a given time as defined by the decay value. In vdmx-terms, this means going from 0 to the max number of the used slider.

(Ignore the dimension sizes visible at the top of the plugin, and ignore that a button lights up and latches, as vdmx only displays boolean toggles as far as i know.)

The four values from the buttons can be attached to any slider in vdmx.

This might be useful for playing 4 layers with trigger pads like a visual mpc, flash up lighting effects, temporarily punch up dry/wet values,  pop scales of 3d objects and so forth.

The internals are really quite simple, so i trust i can be easily expanded to how many punch buttons you need.


  • Put the plugin into your ~/Library/Application Support/VDMX/plugins folder
  • In vdmx, load the plugin from the workspace inspector -> plugins -> QC-based plugins. The plugin window should pop up.
  • On the slider of your choice, go to “use data source”, select the plugins value 1-4.

done – have some punch!

Here’s a short vid, of how to fire it up in vdmx:

download here:

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