hey, here’s a mixtape i made over the weekend.

the deal is, i used to buy a lot of vinyl and dj occassionally. it’s always just been a fun thing for the love of music.  as so many did, i eventually started using the web for discovering and buying new music. i still hold my records dearly and still love to buy vinyl once in a while, but for my daily routine i admit, i listen to my digital collection 99% of the time. i’d love to have my vinyl digitally, but the work and time involved is ridiculous. plus, i could never decide what to start with!

instead of going track by track, i now decided to make sort of tapes of some of my alltime favs, somewhat sorted by feeling, genre, usage…whatever you might call it.

so here is the first part.

melancholic, orchestral, electronic, complex but still emotional, almost pop concepts in places, ranging from breathing in icy crystals by diving into snow head first, to hiding behind a burgundy brocate curtained corner of a dimly lit room.

The shelf pt.1 – robots always cut the blue wire by Sleepingbirds on Mixcloud

soap & skin – mr gaunt pt 1000
andrea parker – highly strung
sigur ros – sven-g-englar
goldfrapp – paper bag
supercollider – gravity rearrangin
boards of canada – orange romeda
schneider ™ & cpt michigan – the light 3000
funkstörung – test
autechre – clipper
richard devine – float 82
björk – all is full of love (funkstörung remix)
telefon tel aviv – fahrenheit fair enough
pole – raum 2 variation (burnt friedman)
console – grüner raum

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